Friday 24 January 2020

Meet the Friendly Faces of Fermentation from Team Lallemand Australia Š—–Tanya Worontschak


Fermentation specialist Lallemand provides applied fermentation technical support and shares its knowledge of fermentation application, the market needs and commercialisation of new R&D innovations in the field of microbiology. With representatives all around the country, there’s one in every major wine region from the Hunter to Margaret River. Following a recent new partnership deal, Winequip is now the sole distributor for Lallemand biological products in WA, NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC and TAS. In this blog series, we introduce you to the faces behind Winequip and Lallemand, so you know who to look to in your part of the wine world. Next up, we chat to Tanya Worontschak.

What is your role with Lallemand?

I am the Lallemand Technical Account Manager for many regions in South Australia including Adelaide Hills, Adelaide Plains, Barossa, Clare, McLaren Vale, Langhorne creek and the Limestone coast. My role is to disseminate information of Lallemand products and Lallemand R&D research to winemakers. It is also to identify what products would suit a particular winery with respect to regionality, wine style objectives and environmental constraints. I have been working at Lallemand for more than six years.

What do you love about your job?

Many things. The industry as a whole is great to be part of. It’s energising and there are always new things to learn. I travel to beautiful wine regions that are incredibly diverse and speak to winemakers, all of whom have their own philosophy and experiences of winemaking – so visits are always different. My office can be the lookout at Menglers Hill in the Barossa or a coffee shop in Penola. I enjoy matching products to winemakers’ needs with respect to wine style objectives while addressing environmental constraints for successful fermentation (both alcoholic and malolactic). I then get to taste the wines; what a buzz!

What makes Lallemand unique in your eyes?

What company can boast that they have maintained their ‘purpose’ of fulfilling the needs of their customers for over 70 years? Below is an exerpt from a Lallemand advert in the 1938. This philosophy still drives us at Lallemand Australia today: “Co-operation spells success. The future of your business is what you make it, the future of our business is what we make it. As in the past, it will be in the future, our earnest endeavour to give you quality goods, service and co-operation.” Lallemand Inc is the friendliest group of scientists, business men and women and sales people that you could imagine. It is full of people who love their jobs, which is refreshing. Lallemand is the researcher, the manufacturer and the supplier of our yeast, nutrients and bacteria products, so the level of technical support we can offer is high.

How do you think Lallemand’s role has changed in the wine landscape over the years? 

Over the years Lallemand’s portfolio of Optimised yeast strains has expanded greatly. The importance of Lallemand R&D to make fermentation more reliable and cleaner cannot be underestimated and is certainly seeming to be more and more important. Lallemand have hundreds of naturally sourced yeast and now they are optimising those strains for cleaner ferments – namely the QTL range. In addition I have seen more and more interest in the sensory contribution of lactic acid bacteria. When I started, most winemakers saw MLF as just a process – an “as long as it gets through” philosophy. Now I have conversations on which lactic acid bacteria would be most suitable for the desired wine style. The influence these Lactic Acid Bacteria strains have on the sensory profile of wine is quite extraordinary.

Tanya Worontschak

When you’re not at work, where might we find you?

I have two young boys aged three and a half and five and a half, and a two year old cocker spaniel so there is a lot of playtime with them – “push me again on the swing” kind of thing! We are renovating a house and planting new gardens, so home life keeps me busy. For example we painted the outside of the house over Christmas… What joy! Some people like our orange front door, others do not.

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