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No medium gets closer to your ideal customer than a magazine.

Readers love and trust magazines. They connect to magazines. They commit to magazines. They embrace magazines.

If you want to build an intimate relationship with your perfect customer, use magazines.

Quality suppliers to the wine industry advertise in WBM

Whether it’s barrel makers, closure manufacturers, harvester producers or providers of marketing or business management services, suppliers hit the target with WBM because we are read by all the movers and shakers in the Australian and global wine industry including winemakers, grapegrowers, CEOs, CFOs, marketing managers, brand ambassadors and viticulturists.

People who make decisions on big-ticket items read WBM from cover to cover.

WBM is all about quality content but it also looks fantastic and advertising within its dynamic pages reflects well on your business.

Australia is trying to get people all over the world to trade up to our very best wines – it follows that you present your products and services in the best magazine — WBM.

We’re also extremely active in the ‘Digital Space’

  • The WBM website ‘owns’ breaking news in the industry. Readers are alerted to new content through Twitter and Facebook, allowing the editor to effectively send thousands of viewers to the site at any one time.
  • Friday e-bulletin The Week That Was is emailed direct to 5,000+ people in the wine industry and trade. The open rate is upwards of 50 percent – way above the industry standard and each newsletter is opened on average four times (some people open it up to 100 times).
  • Social media – we are slaves to social media with a @WBMwinemagazine Twitter following over 9,400. A healthy Facebookcommunity, super cool Pinterest boards, YouTube and Instagram that people in the industry love to bits.

10 Reasons To Advertise In Magazines

  1. Magazines and magazine ads capture focused attention: The focused process of magazine reading leads to less media multitasking, ensuring single-minded attention to advertising.
  2. Magazine advertising is targeted: Magazines engage readers in very personal ways. Plus magazines are popular!
  3. Magazine advertising is relevant and welcomed: Consumers value magazine advertising, reading it almost as much as the editorial itself. The ads are accepted as an essential part of the magazine mix.
  4. Magazines are credible: Consumers trust magazines so much that they are a leading source of information that readers recommend by word-of-mouth to others.
  5. Magazines offer a lasting message: Ads keep working 24/7. They provide a lasting, durable message with time to study a brand’s benefits. Consumers clip and save magazine ads for future reference.
  6. Magazines deliver brand relevant imagery: Magazine editorial compliments ads with brand relevant imagery, associations and a frame of reference that delivers greater reader receptivity to brand ads.
  7. Magazine advertising drives web searches and visits: Magazines are where consumers go for ideas and inspiration. That’s why magazine ads are leading influencers, driving readers to advertiser websites and to start a web search.
  8. Magazines drive the buyer journey: Magazines are effective across all stages of the buyer’s journey, especially brand favourability and purchase consideration, the most sought after metrics that are hardest to sway.
  9. Magazine advertising enhances ROI: Allocating more ad dollars to magazines in the media mix improves marketing and advertising ROI.
  10. Magazines make cash registers ring: Study after study prove that magazines help drive sales objectives, as a stand-alone medium or in combination with others.

We’ll happily provide you will all the prices, sizes and digital information you will need to know before advertising with us.

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